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Dr. Sonia Mairos Ferreira

Currently serving as a Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Specialist at UNICEF Lesotho

Topic Title:
Empowering Voices: Enacting Children's Rights in Evaluation Practices for Inclusive Development

Dr. Sonia brings over 20 years of experience as an accomplished Assistant Professor and researcher. Her expertise lies in assisting vulnerable populations affected by crises, disasters, and conflicts. Sonia has a strong background in capacity building, training, and applying social sciences to humanitarian and development projects. With a PhD in Permanent Education and Adult Training, complemented by degrees in Educational and Psychological Sciences, Sonia has also pursued postgraduate studies in crucial areas such as Gender Equality, Human Rights, and Crisis Intervention.

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Dr. Marie Bradwell

Marie Bradwell is a graduate of MA Social Policy and BA Early Childhood Studies, and Awaiting awardship of PhD. Marie has worked in Early Years and education for the past thirty years, working in various roles from manager to teaching assistant and with individuals who have special education needs. Most recently working at Marjon University as a Visiting Lecturer since 2018 and an Associate Lecturer since 2022. Over the years, Marie has lectured on various programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels across the university. Research interests include Social Policy, Early Years, Children and Young People's Mental Health / Illness, Active listening and Children’s Rights and using the Mosaic Approach.

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Dr. Fatemeh Radan

Fatemeh Radan, a PhD in Islamic Studies and an assistant professor in Social Sciences Faculty of Payame Noor University in Iran. She is a member of the Cultural Association of Homemakers (Afaq NGO) and she currently manages Radan Publication in Tehran. Her research interests include education with focus on women and culture issues and she has written 6 books and published 8 articles related to her interests in scientific research journals.

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Assoc. Prof. Ndje Ndje Mireille

Mireille Ndje Ndje is Associate Professor, at the University of Yaounde I. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, she is also interested in global health, gender issues, research ethics. She was session chair and speaker at the 'International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences' (IACRSS) at the University of Oxford, UK in 2019.

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Dr. Yuk-yan SO

Yuk-yan SO is a lecturer of the Department of Social Work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her principal areas of interest include parent support, social work with groups, and personal growth and career development. She received the University’s Faculty of Social Science Exemplary Teaching Award in 2023..

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Mr. Mudassar Ahmad Tahir

Mudassar Ahmad Tahir, a child rights activist based in Lahore, Pakistan. Graduating in 2021, he’s dedicated to advocating for children's rights. With extensive training in child protection, he has a deep understanding of principles, policies, and practices crucial for ensuring children's safety and well-being. Beyond his professional role, he strives to be a catalyst for positive change through volunteering, advocacy, and extending a helping hand to those in need, embodying values of empathy, integrity, and compassion.

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Ms. Carmmel Taricka

An architecture undergrad student pursuing her final year at the School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada. Her academic interests focus on behavioural architecture and biophilic built-environment design. She is also a freelance content writer with a niche in architectural journalism and educational/leisure blog formats. Her recent achievements include receiving the gold medal as the academic batch topper, A.Y. 2023.

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Ms. Charlotte Chisnell

Charlotte Chisnell was a social worker in the UK working in the practice area of child protection and youth justice. She is a Principal Academic Lecturer and the Programme Coordinator for the Bachelor of Social Work at the Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier, New Zealand. Her research interests include safeguarding children and raising awareness of child sexual exploitation and young carers.

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Mrs. Kinga Anetta Trufan

Kinga Anetta Trufan graduated at the Faculty of Law and has a Master in European Law. She works as a young legal practitioner at an advisory center in Germany, concentrating on legal support for migrant workers, especially from Eastern-European countries. Her research interest is in the field of Migration and Immigration Studies, with focus on cross-border aspects and practical results of the free movement of persons within the European Union.

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Ms. Paulina Jara Osorio

Doctoral Researcher in Social Policy and Research Assistant in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities of Loughborough University. The John Paul II Foundation funded her undergraduate studies in Social Work at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Master’s in Public and Social Policies at Pompeu Fabra University - Johns Hopkins University. Her Master's and PhD degrees have been sponsored by the National Research and Development Agency at the Chilean Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation. Loughborough University Doctoral College Conference Award.

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Ms. Camila Julieta Jimenez Sánchez

Camila Jiménez holds a degree in Social Communication and a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies for the Prevention of Gender Violence from the University of Salamanca. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Social Sciences at VUB. Her academic journey includes courses focused on community-based research and dialogical practices tailored for populations facing vulnerability. Her research interests center around the exploration of intersectional identities, particularly those of migrant women, indigenous communities, and individuals navigating the intersections of gender, technology (NTICS), and youth. A guiding principle in her life is encapsulated in a single word: "Corazonar." It signifies the blend of reason and empathy, encouraging not only a thoughtful approach to life but also a deep understanding of one's own and others' realities.

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Ms. Claudia Jazmín Mazó Torrico

Jazmín Mazó, specializing in Systemic Clinical Psychology, focuses on vulnerable situations. Since 2018, she's a researcher at Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias del Comportamiento (IICC), Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo." Starting a 2023 doctoral program at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, her research explores rural child-centered "Living Well." With a focus on childhood and adolescence, she prioritizes interventions that uphold children's rights and well-being within a socio-ecological framework.

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Dr. Naeema Farooqi

Naeema Farooqi is a Professor at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Toronto, Canada. She is a Student-Focused Academic with an Entrepreneurial Spirit | Connector | Facilitator | Collaborator | Knowledge Enthusiast | Focused on Growth

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Ms. Shaweta Anand

She is a freelance researcher with a PhD from the School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. Her area of interest is child welfare and protection. She was a journalist before she switched to academics in an attempt to better comprehend the world we collectively inhabit.

Intan Noor Hanifa

Ms. Intan Noor Hanifa

Intan is a Chevening scholar from Indonesia, currently pursuing an MSc in Global Child Health at UCL. With a strong passion for child and adolescent health, as well as public health, her previous research was mainly focused on social paediatrics. With a medical background, she is aspiring to be a paediatrician and pursue a career in academia after finishing her Masters degree.

Doris Kakuru

Dr. Doris Kakuru

Doris Kakuru is a Professor in Child and Youth Care at the Faculty of Human and Social Development at the University of Victoria, Canada. She is the current Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies.

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Mr. Chhimay Tamang

Chhimay Tamang is Tourism Operator in Nepal and guide in Himalayan Region. He is working for Education For All Programs in Himalayan Regions youth and Students. He is trainer for the United Nations Simulations Program for School and College Levels Students. Currently, he is working on the project on Child Marriage in Nepal.

Zheng Xiulin

Ms. Zheng Xiulin

Zheng Xiulin is a postgraduate student at the Education University of Hong Kong with a high level of passion for the field of preschool education and psychology.

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Ms. Patricia Schubiger

Patricia Schubiger worked as a preschool teacher for several years and holds a MA in Early Childhood from University of Konstanz. She is a research asisstant at the University of Teacher Education Lucerne and Schaffhausen. Her research interests include education with focus on children's well-being.

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Dr. Eglantina Farruku

Eglantina Farruku was graduated from University of Luarasi in law (2009), received the M.Sc degree in Political Science & International Relations from Epoka University (2012), and her Ph.D. from Epoka University (2020). She is presently the lecturer of Law at the Department of Law of Epoka University. Her research area is focused on Political Science, Law related issues: Human Security, Child Security and Human Rights. She has participated in many international conferences and published various international articles. She is a Member of Bar Association since 2011.

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Mr. Adham Arik Rahman

Adham Arik Rahman is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate who works on different technologies and their impact on human life. Currently, he is working at Robi Axiata Limited, which is one of the leading mobile network operators in Bangladesh. His role there is to work with big data and ensure better service for users. On the other hand, he is a published author and serves as a peer reviewer for academic journals and conferences, mostly for human-computer interaction (HCI).

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Asst. Prof. Biplaw Kumar Singh

Biplaw Kumar Singh is an Assistant Professor at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India. He is pursuing Ph.D. in Sociology from Institute for Social and Economic Change, India. His research interests span the field of child rights and redistributive functions of the state.

Denis Kiirya

Mr. Denis Kiirya

Denis Kiirya is the Executive Director of Shines Children’s Foundation, a national Non-Governmental Organisation in Uganda

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Ms. Diana L. Manrique Kukurelo

Diana Lucia Manrique Kukurelo: Diana is a Bachelor of Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). She is a research assistant at the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (GRIDEH) at PUCP. She has also been a fellow of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. With a deep interest in Public International Law and International Human Rights Law, with a focus on the rights of children, and human mobility.

Scarlett How Yu Hsi

Ms. Scarlett How Yu Hsi

Scarlett How Yu Hsi is a Year 6 student at Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore. She participated in Hwa Chong Conflict Resolution and Inquiry (HCCRI) Conference (2023) and received Bronze Award in 42nd International C.B.Paul Science Quiz (2021).

Maria Amor Cana Estrada

Ms. Maria Amor Cana Estrada

Maria Amor Cana Estrada, born Spanish, graduated from MA TESOL in 2021, which allowed her to polish her leadership skills and realize the importance of collaborative learning. She has worked in several educational environments as an ESOL and EFL teacher ever since and is currently researching new ways to innovate in ELT research.

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