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2nd Global Conference on Children and Youth

About Proceeding

The 2nd Global Conference on Children and Youth follows the success of the 2021 event. Featuring presentations by the world’s leading academics, this children’s conference will do a deep dive into topics that impact younger populations on micro and macro levels.
Whether you choose to attend from the comfort of your home via the virtual option of the event or make your way to the majestic city of Cambridge, United Kingdom, you are in for three days of immersive learning, engaging discussions, and lively networking.

Table Of Contents

Childhood Experiences of Disciplinary Practices at Home and School, Effects and Consequences of Violence against Children: A Global Perspective

Shweta Hegde
his study focuses on “child discipline practices,” an interdisciplinary topic in nature. Child discipline practice is one of the crucial aspects of any education system. This is also related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Quality Education (SDG:4) and Peace, Justice, and Strong Institution(SDG:16)

Study On Impact of Throwball for Health, Body Fat Reduction and Muscle Bulk Improvement with Special Children

Dr. T Ramanna, Sampoorna Hegde ,Dr. Arvind Conjeevaram ,Dr. Dayanand Agsar ,Dr. S Mani,Santhosh,Sharan,Uday Kumar ,Chaithra Vasanth ,Annie John
Background and Objectives: Throwball is a non-contact game where the ball has grip around. Due to the grip, everytime someone holds the ball, it gives acupressure to the palm. Our palm has acupressure points connected to each organs in the body.

Engaging and Empowering Young People through Participatory Arts and Humanities Approaches in the Context of Global Challenges

Dr. Alyson Brody
oung people globally are being directly and disproportionately affected by systemic issues that include inadequate access to decent work; education systems that are far from fit for purpose; the failure of governments to represent youth voices or needs; and the exposure of young women and girls to multiple forms of discrimination and gender-based violence.

Minority Children's Experience of Violence in an Urban Community

Caleb Kim, Ph.D. MSW, MDiv
Ethnic minority children living in poor urban communities are disproportionately exposed to violence. However, there is little known about their perceptions to violence and day-to-day experience of violence exposure.

Returning to Family-Based Environment: A Reflection on the Development of Foster Care in Viet Nam

T.M Chau Nguyen
Children grow up in institutions are at increased risks of negative outcomes emcompassing emotional, behaviroral and social realms. In response to adverse impacts of institutional care, foster care is a type of family-based alternative care that is promoting in Viet Nam. Does it work?

An Investigation of Teaching Anxiety among Students of English as a Foreign Language at German Universities

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Senem Sahin
One of the earliest studies on teaching anxiety confirmed that “teaching is one of the top five most stressful careers in the world” (Kyriacou, 1987: 147). The teaching profession is also considered to be amongst those occupations most affected by burnout syndrome in Germany

Youth-Led Mobile Mental Health Clinic: Addressing Access and Affordability Gaps in Mental Health Services in India

Siva Mathiyazhagan, Sakshi Nikhil Shah , Kartika Fitrianingsih , Hilaria Preethi, Yuvayazhini P , Rasaiya Govindhasamy
Puducherry continuously contributes to India’s high suicide rate. As of 2021, Puducherry stood in the top four state suicidal death rates nationwide. However, preventive efforts are challenged by socioeconomic and geographical constraints.

The “Citizen Children”, Their New Needs and The Most Recent Orientations in Legal Culture

Marta Basile, Luigi Di Cataldo
This essay presents a cognitive survey having as its main objective the observation and sociological interpretation of the complex relationship between law and culture involving the Best Interest of the Child principle and, transversally, the main children representation. The approach adopted is reconstructive and take into consideration the various reflections produced through time by relevant sociologist and social scientists.
Conference Dates
Friday, 26 Aug 2022 - Sunday, 28 Aug 2022
Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge , Cambridge , United Kingdom

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